Friday, November 22, 2013

The Rule of 3's

Bad things come in 3's, right? If so, I think I just survived the third bad thing . . . a 24 hour stomach bug. Ufdah. Not fun. I managed to pull a muscle in my neck and flare up my chest pain (costochondritis) which, now that I'm not nauseous, is really hurting. Once I finally stopped throwing up and being nauseous yesterday afternoon, I slept. About 14 hours straight. That was good.

Today I had an appointment with the new arthritis doctor. My beloved rheumatologist of 10 years retired in August. She was freaking amazing and I miss her terribly. The new doc (Dr. S) is actually a doc that un-retired to fill in while they hire someone new. This was mainly a visit to check on how I am doing on Humira. He wanted some blood work done to check liver, kidney, general blood levels - blah blah blah.

Normally, I'm a difficult "stick" when it comes to drawing blood. Because I was also dehydrated from being sick, it was a bit of a nightmare. Three people tried to get a vein and the lab was in the process of contacting the doctor to recommend I get some IV fluids before they tried to get blood again - when the phlebotomist FINALLY struck gold, er, red! A call later today confirmed all my "levels" were good.

I've spent today drinking sprite, eating chicken noodle soup and napping. I've done a little bit of grading and answering emails, but I'm still a little shaky. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling even better and can make progress with grading.

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