Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Well. Here it is. A blog. My blog.

This is me:

Cute, right? That dimple in my cheek? Yep, I still have that. Unfortunately, I have no idea where the sparkly hat or twirling uniform are. But I digress . . .

Why a blog? Why now? There are seveal reasons, actually. I've had friends and relatives tell me for the last several years that I should have a blog, a place to record all the funny stories and strange happenings that seem to follow me like a rabid squirrel. Sure, it would be fun to record these stories, but I just didn't have the motivation.

But motivation slapped me upside the head when I wrote out my list of 2013 New Year's Resolutions, which are:

1. Complete 26 acts of kindness each month. An explanation of which can be found here.
2. Quit Smoking
3. Lose 50 pounds
4. Be more active in my church
5. Actively work on my dating life

It's #5 which has inspired this blog. I have signed up for a year on eharmony. A YEAR! That's a year of potentially horrible first dates and the stories that go along with them. A year of weeding the creepy guys out from the potentially good guys. Let's be honest, I kind of suck at both identifying guys who are possibly interested in me and figuring out how to let guys know I'm interested in them. My thinking is this - by documenting the process, I may be able to view the search to find "Mr. Wright" in a different light. And maybe, if anyone reads this blog, I can get some help/feedback/advice/criticism/encouragement for how I'm approaching the whole experience.

So let's start now. Here are the pictures I posted on eharmony:

OK, This picture is the one I have on the main page. Yes, I know, Buffy is no longer with us, but I kind of like the picture anyway. Is it too morbid?

And this picture is included simply to illustrate my love of the Packers. I think it would also give me "cool" points.

I like this picture, though my hair is not that short anymore, but I think it's a good "fancy" picture.
OK, bear with me here. I know it's odd to include a picture of myself with Johnny Depp, but the picture shows the shape of my body. I feel the need to let interested guys know I'm not a small woman. 

This picture? I just like it, I guess.
OK, I know this isn't the most flattering picture. I included it because I feel like, because of my size, guys don't believe I'm pretty active. Besides that, I feel like it can provide a talking point if I ever get to a first date. There's even a funny story to go along with the picture. I was so proud that during the swim leg of the triathlon, I passed several people. During the bike portion, I also passed several people - one had a flat tire and one crashed his bike - BUT I PASSED THEM! During the run portion, I was lapped by a 10 year old, but I finished and didn't come in last. I came in 2nd to last, thanks to the guy who crashed his bike :-)
 So, what I'd like to know is - what do you think of my choice of pictures? Be honest, I can take it. If you are my friend on FB and there are any pictures of me that would be better choices, let me know.
And don't expect all my posts to be this obnoxiously long. Some posts will just be screams of frustration, I'm sure.

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  1. I like the picture choices and the reasoning behind them! I can't wait to read about the humorous and sweet (hopefully) stories that are to come!

    Good luck! And I hope you find Mr. Wright by October ;)