Monday, January 28, 2013

His name is . . .

 . . . Joe. He's no longer "Sauce Guy" and has an actual name. Date 3 was very good. He liked my cooking and I successfully have him hooked on HBO's True Blood. Date 4 is set for next Sunday. This brings up the question, when do I stop counting dates and just call it "dating?"

I think this is an old-person problem. Young couples make everything all Facebook official when they are dating.  I don't really feel the need to make this "official," but based on the ease with which we set up our next date, I feel like we've moved from "maybe" next dates to assumed next dates. I think this means we are dating.

No, I still don't know exactly how I "feel" about him. But I do look forward to seeing him, so that's something, right? As impatient as I can sometimes be, I'm really enjoying this "get to know you" process. And I learn something new about him every time we see each other. Yesterday I learned:
  • He hates black olives.
  • He doesn't like football, or any sport for that matter.
  • He is the youngest of eight kids. (Eight!)
  • We have very similar, really weird political beliefs.
  • We have similar viewpoints on religion.
  • He has taken a cream-pie to the face, and has pictures. (Which are hilarious)
  • He laughed VERY hard when I told him the vomit-story.
He did agree to watch some of the Superbowl next week, just for the commercials :-) I promised homemade Superbowl snacks and an episode of True Blood. So, we are not Facebook official, but we are dating. And it's kind of nice.

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