Monday, April 15, 2013

One more thing I will never understand . . .

I will never, ever understand someone who intentionally causes harm to others. I had some serious 9/11 flashbacks as I scrolled through news stories on the Boston bombing earlier today. The sense of helplessness and heartbreak chokes my soul. There is a panic that I feel when these things happen.

Then someone posted this on Facebook

And I went back to watch some of the news footage. And there, in the midst of chaos, were the helpers. They were holding hands, wrapping tourniquets, running full speed while pushing the injured in wheelchairs to the nearest hospital. They ran IN to the destruction. They walked through what seemed like oceans of blood. They were police officers, fire fighters, national guardsmen & women, spectators, racers. I read that some of the marathon runners who finished the race went to hospitals to donate blood. So many "helpers."

My heart breaks for the victims of this horrible incident. But it also swells in gratitude at the men and women who were the "helpers." I cannot imagine how they will begin to process what they saw and did today. I wish there was a way for me to thank the "helpers" - because they didn't just help those in Boston. They helped me remember that most people are kind and loving and good. I needed that reminder.

Things I will never understand . . .

1. Tights as pants.
These are NOT PANTS!! If your ass or underwear pattern can be clearly seen - YOU'RE DOIN' IT WRONG. I do not understand this trend. I find it disturbing. And wrong. Just wrong.

2. Why it's still OK to make fat jokes. I mean, people are getting the idea that disabled jokes, rape jokes, even some political jokes are just cruel and uncalled for. But it is still socially acceptable to mock the chubby people. I'm a chubby person with a blood pressure of 110/72, a cholesterol level of 180 and I've completed a triathlon. Chubby doesn't equal sloth. So knock off the jokes.

3. The Easter Bunny. Has there ever, in the history of the universe, been an Easter Bunny at the mall that WASN'T creepy?
Heck, I was the Easter Bunny at the mall when I was in college. Even I knew the costume was creepy as hell. And I got peed on by a 3 year old who was forced to sit on the creepy Easter Bunny's lap while his mum took a picture of him that I'm sure is still treasured today.

4. Why the Walmart is such an attraction for the Amish. I'm always self-conscious about my clothing and short hair when I wheel my cart full of electrical appliances past them. And how do they get there? Because there's no horse & buggy parking at the Walmart. Wouldn't the Walmart be the epitome of everything "English" that the Amish claim to eschew?

5. What "eschew" actually means.

6. Why students don't hand in assignments and then want extra-credit at the end of the semester. So, you want me to reward you with points for not doing something that was required for the class? That's like going car shopping, but instead of giving the car guy money for a car, you ask if you can just have one to drive around because you forgot your money. Uhm. No.

7. Why students text in class. Because unless you are waiting for a kidney transplant, you are just not that important.

8. Why I get ripped off for being single with no kids. For example, a single membership at a gym might be $300 a year, but for a couple, there's a discount so the price for two is $550. That means each of them pays $275. So, unless I go find a friend or stranger to pretend to be a couple, I have to pay more. This seriously sucks.

9. Why places won't let me order off the kids menu. If you think about it, most kids meals are actually the size of meals that an adult should eat. We've become so used to ginormous portions, they seem teeny. But when I'm trying to control how healthy I eat and want to order a kids meal (burger, apple slices and milk - pretty healthy!) I get shot down. Boo.

10. Why people are in love with Beyonce. She bugs me.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It is ridiculous that I've not posted in over a week. Sorry. Life got in the way. I spent the last week taking my forensics team to the first of 3 national forensics tournaments. They won a trophy and I breathed a sigh of relief.
I have a week at home to catch up on laundry, grading, cleaning and sleeping, then it's off to national tournament #2. I'm officially taking a break from even checking the dating websites. They make me tired. Especially when I get messages like "I'm looking for a submissive - I'd even be willing to train you." I'm tempted to reply just to ask what it was in my profile that made him think I'd be interested. Ugh.

One of my favorite parts of nationals travel is that I get to share a hotel room with my friend Karen. We talk about many very important things, like how she can drink Diet Coke in the evening but it keeps me awake, which control top pantyhose are the best, and which fast food we crave most frequently. She did ask me this weekend if I missed Joe. The question surprised me, but the answer did not. No. I don't miss him. I actually had the thought at one quiet moment that I was glad I didn't have to find the time to text him. It makes me wonder if there will ever be anyone worth "finding the time for" - even when I'm exhausted and busy.

I'm going to try and post more frequently, even though April is stupid-busy. But there will be very little guy talk. The search will resume in May, when I'm home for more than a week at a time.