Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend . . .

So, this weekend I'm at a forensics tournament. Because that's what I do most weekends of the school year. Normally, at the end of the day, I'm exhausted and just crash in my hotel room. It's odd having someone to text with. It's odd that I enjoy it. And look forward to the little message symbol on my phone popping up. It's odd to have someone who seems genuinely interested in what I'm doing and how my day went. I'm realizing how much I've missed this. I'll be giving Sauce Guy a call later so we can finalize details of our date tomorrow.

We're going to tour Leinie's in Chippewa and then go to lunch. I like "activity" based dates. I think it's easier to fill the awkward silence gaps when there's readily available distraction.

In other dating news, I learned the hard way that I shouldn't respond to an email until I check out someone's profile. I got an email from a random guy on PoF a couple days ago. It was funny and interesting and I immediately responded back with something flirty and funny. Then I checked out the guy's profile. Not really my type (actually, I have no idea what my "type" is - but it's not this) - he is obsessive about bicycling, (I like biking but would never be able to keep up with this guy), is vegetarian (which is fine for others, but I am a carnivore through and through), is a staunch Republican (and very vocal about it) and listens to a lot of techno & dubstep music (the last thing I would listen to for enjoyment) He responded to my fun & flirty email almost right away, letting me know "I am looking for somebody who would love driving to Seattle /Bremerton, Washington this summer stopping at state bike trails on the way for rides and exploring Yellowstone. " I have not responded to him yet. I can't shake the feeling he's a serial killer who just wants an easy victim.

This brings me to a conundrum I frequently have. While I appreciate it when a guy lets me know they are not interested, I have trouble doing the same. It drives me crazy when I've been emailing someone and they suddenly drop off the face of the planet. But I now find I am becoming that person - ugh. Which means I have to figure out a way to let a couple of guys (including the aforementioned Serial Killer Guy) that I'm just not interested. Which means I have to "reject" someone. Rejection is just something I'm not good at. Guess I should suck it up.

In non-dating related news, I'm not smoking and it really sucks. OK, not really, really sucks - I'm just bitter that there are others are smoking, and I'm not. I had a bit of an "ah-ha" moment a few days ago. It's always irritated me that something so bad for you (smoking) is so enjoyable - it dawned on me that it's not enjoyable, but it is comforting. Smoking is the equivalent of a toddler having a "lovie" blanket. Except lovie blankets don't give you cancer. Unless they are crocheted with asbestos, which I don't think happens much anymore. Anyway - I've had my lovie blanket yanked away and I'm mad about it. But like any 2-year old, I should eventually adjust.


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  2. I agree, activity based dates are the way to go! Looking forward to how you address giving the rejection, because I think a lot of people (me) struggle with that, too. -Kerry :)