Saturday, January 12, 2013

First Date #1 . . .

Note that the title of this post assumes there will be so many first dates to come that I will have to number them. It's odd that I really do think of myself as an optimist.

But the good news is - I HAVE A DATE TOMORROW!!!

Oh the pressure . . .

Sauce Guy & I have been texting back and forth all day. He works on Saturdays and I've been a complete bum, watching HBO's Rome and crocheting. (What a sexy image, I might add) I figured he'd call me when he got off work tonight. Instead, he called on his lunch break and asked if I wanted to go out tomorrow for lunch or dinner. Duh. I said yes. So we are meeting tomorrow at 4. I have no idea if this is for drinks, late lunch, dinner?? Whatever.

Here's a bit more about Sauce Guy: He has 2 kids, one grown & out of the house, the other a senior in HS. He likes to cook. He doesn't like football. He has 2 cats and likes to cook. We share a love of coffee and similar taste in TV/music/movies. He's kind of funny and laughs when I try to be funny.

From his profile info, he is short - about an inch taller than I am. Which means I am re-thinking the first-date outfit I have had picked out for a month as it includes high-heeled boots.

If I'm honest, I'm not really that nervous. I'm sure that will change tomorrow when I start obsessively worrying about spilling a drink down the front of me or getting salad stuck in my teeth.

I don't have a great record when it comes to conversion rates of 1st dates to 2nd dates. In about 15 first dates in the last 5 or so years, TWO of those have gone on to 2nd dates. Am I too picky? Do I freak guys out on a first date? I wish there was a way to study "films" of previous first dates, you know, like football teams do. That way maybe I could figure out why my conversion rate is so sucky.

Maybe it's my attitude going in to a first date? If it's a bad date, I always hope it's a REALLY bad date - that way at least I come out with a good story.

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