Saturday, January 5, 2013

Well, crap

It's not bad news. It's good news. It's terrifying news.

One of the PoF guys I've been emailing GAVE ME HIS PHONE NUMBER. He said if I was interested, I should text or call him.

Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap.

I LOVE IT when the guy gives me his phone number. That also mean the ball is in my court and I've NEVER been good at basketball.

Do I dribble? Fake a pass and go for the 3 point shot? Hope and pray the coach pulls me out so I don't have to decide? OK, enough of the basketball analogy. What causes me such anxiety is figuring out when to call . . . or text. Is texting now the pre-flirt norm before phone flirting? How can I get across that I'm witty and intelligent and flirty in a text? Is there a flirt font?


Here's some basic info on who I will call New York Guy (NY guy for short). He's 5' 9", a Gemini and grew up in NYC. He moved to the midwest about 6 months ago and works in sales. His picture is adorable. I'm probably going to send him a text tomorrow night. Then he'll have my phone number and the ball will be officially in his court. I hope he plays basketball.

On the eharmony front, I got sent a set of "questions" from one of my matches. That's how eharmony works. I answered the 5 multiple choice questions and sent him the 5 I've chosen. If he likes my responses (Oh, the PRESSURE) he'll answer the questions I sent, then we move to the next level. I don't know what that level is, because I have not gotten there yet.

I did get a couple of other emails on PoF, but they were awkward - I'm pretty sure that at least one of them was from a chat-bot and the other quite possibly just looking for sex. I deleted them both. I'm trying to be open minded, but have to draw the line somewhere.

Oh, I just had a thought . . . What if NY guy is a JETS fan??? What if he hates football??

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  1. TEXT HIM!!! You can be witty via text, he'll get it! It's so much better than a phone call because you have time to think about and edit what you're going to say next. AND the ball will he in his court! Good Luck!