Friday, January 11, 2013

Patience . . .

I have very little. I'm the type of person who decides to do something, then gets it done as efficiently as possible.

Efficiency is not possible in the world of internet dating.

Sauce Guy texted me last night - yea! Short conversation, but good. Tonight, he called. We talked for about half an hour. It was comfortable & easy. I enjoyed talking with him. But now I'm wondering . . . if it took a dozen emails to get to a text, how long will it take to get to a first date? That's my impatience showing. I wish I could just relax and have fun with the "process" - but that's not how my brain works. I've made a decision (Find someone to date!) and want to efficiently identify the best candidate.

There s another guy from PoF I've been emailing almost as long as I've been emailing Sauce Guy. I may have to just brazenly (hussie) give him my phone number to get thing to move along. Again - impatience.

I've successfully scared 2 guys on eharmony off. Both just quit "communication" somewhere in the middle. I'm kind of OK with that as neither lived close, but it does make me wonder what made them lose interest.

This is usually the point I get impatient with the whole process and decide I'll try and find someone "later." But I'm not going to do that this time. I really feel like I'm supposed to be putting time & effort into this process (I've prayed about it and am trying to trust my "gut") so I'm going to work hard at staying positive about it.

And after I hurry-up and proofread this blog post, I'll work on slowing down and being more patient.

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