Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday musings . . .

I forgot how exhausting the first week of class can be. Ufdah. I've got to work on getting my stamina back. I teach 2 Public Speaking classes on Tuesday & Thursday mornings, and a Listening class on Monday & Wednesday afternoons. In between that is a lot of forensics coaching. And somehow, I need to fit workouts into that mix.

Wednesday, I had good intentions on working out. I conned several forensics students into going to a spin class with me. My goal was simple: Don't fall over when I get off the bike. Mission accomplished . . . because I never got ON the bike. Apparently this is "free" week at the gym, so every single spin bike was taken 10 minutes before class even started. I was so disappointed that I went home to watch TV with the cats on my lap.

In the search for Mr. Wright, I received an email from this guy:

His PoF moniker is "hotwonderfulman" and he had this to say, "im very sexy man stay in good shape." I have never meant the phrase "I think I'm looking for something else" more than I did in my reply to him. There's a part of me that wants to be his life coach. I'd tell him to put some clothes on before he takes the picture (are those shorts or boxers?) and tell him he might want to take the picture in a part of the house that is clean. Is this what people mean when they tell me I'm too picky?

Sauce Guy is coming over Sunday for supper & a movie. I think I'm making Chicken Parmesan casserole.

And you can find the recipe via my Pinterest board, or click here. I think it looks pretty amazing!

It's been so cold that I've had to put air in my tires TWICE this week. At first, I was freaking out, thinking I had a punctured tire. Then I realized it was all 4 tires. So I googled it - and super cold temps suck the air out of your tires. Google it if you need a more scientific explanation. Seriously, I don't know how we survived before Google.

And what you've been waiting for . . . the story of my worst date EVER. Admittedly, I have had a lot of bad dates - some awkward, some wierd, some uncomfortable. This date was all of those things.

I cannot remember the nick-name I gave this guy, so for the sake of this story, I'll use the nick-name Creepy Guy. I met him on PoF a couple years ago. We emailed for a couple of weeks, talked on the phone, and he finally asked me out. I was kind of excited because he was fun to talk to and it seemed like we shared a lot of the same interests. We met at a little bar/restaurant outside of Chippewa Falls. He looked like his online pictures, which was good, and he had a nice smile. We sat down, ordered drinks, and had said maybe 5 sentences to each other. Why all this boring detail? To make it clear that we had JUST met and had not yet had anything to drink . . . Out of the blue, Creepy Guy looks me in the eye and says, "I just gotta tell you - You have great tits!"

Uhm. WHAT?? What does a person say to that? What is the response supposed to be? Thanks? I was STUNNED. I immediately started weighing my options. I could simply get up and leave (though to be honest, I was weak with disbelief and don't know if my legs would have worked) or I could stay and end up with a really good story. I stayed.

To say that conversation was awkward is an understatement. His side of the conversation was full of sexual innuendo. My side was full of passive-aggressive comments that he didn't begin to understand. As we were finishing up dinner, he started bugging me to go home with him. He said his roommate (wait, you have a roommate??) wasn't home so we could "get comfortable." I tried nicely saying no, which he ignored, so then I told him I wasn't the type of girl who slept with someone on the first date and there was no way in hell I was going home with him. His response? "But I paid for dinner!" And yes, he was serious. It took every ounce of willpower I possessed to control the violent urge I had to punch him. It was another moment when I felt like I was in a sitcom or on candid camera.

I've been told many times that I'm too picky when it comes to men. Maybe I am. But I'd rather be single than settle for something that makes me nauseous.

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