Monday, April 15, 2013

One more thing I will never understand . . .

I will never, ever understand someone who intentionally causes harm to others. I had some serious 9/11 flashbacks as I scrolled through news stories on the Boston bombing earlier today. The sense of helplessness and heartbreak chokes my soul. There is a panic that I feel when these things happen.

Then someone posted this on Facebook

And I went back to watch some of the news footage. And there, in the midst of chaos, were the helpers. They were holding hands, wrapping tourniquets, running full speed while pushing the injured in wheelchairs to the nearest hospital. They ran IN to the destruction. They walked through what seemed like oceans of blood. They were police officers, fire fighters, national guardsmen & women, spectators, racers. I read that some of the marathon runners who finished the race went to hospitals to donate blood. So many "helpers."

My heart breaks for the victims of this horrible incident. But it also swells in gratitude at the men and women who were the "helpers." I cannot imagine how they will begin to process what they saw and did today. I wish there was a way for me to thank the "helpers" - because they didn't just help those in Boston. They helped me remember that most people are kind and loving and good. I needed that reminder.

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