Sunday, November 24, 2013


I have graded and graded and graded today. I'm caught up except for 1 class of papers. Not bad. Once I get through that batch, I'm done grading papers for the semester and will move on to grading speeches, presentations, outlines and bibliographies for the rest of the semester.

There are only 2 1/2 weeks of classes and a week of finals left of the semester. Ufdah. Finals run through December 20th. Who has an exam from 3-5pm on the 20th? That's right, this girl! My students are completely irritated that I won't move the exam time/date. I've tried explaining that I'm a peon who's on contract, and that I really like my job, so I play by the rules. If they want to move their exam time, they have to go through the Dean of Students' office. That's right, I'm a big meanie.

Whenever I feel like complaining about not being able to travel to Ohio until December 21st, I try and remind myself that I'm blessed I get such a long break for the holiday! That is one of the advantages of working in academia - the built-in breaks. It makes working a 50-60 hour week during the school year worth it.

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