Friday, November 15, 2013

I'm dating . . .

While I love being single, it has been brought to my attention that going through a crisis with a significant other means there is someone to talk through decisions with, someone to lean on, someone to cry with. I was also not-so-gently reminded this was supposed to chronicle a year trying to find Mr. Wright, and I've been shirking my duties.

So . . . I re-visited eHarmony, POF & OK Cupid . . .

  • There are still far, far too many men posting hunting pictures. I am not interested in dead Bambi.
  • If your username is "rocketdawg_taco," I'm not even a teeny bit interested.
  • If your first email to me is "Hey Lover, want to talk?" Uhm, no.
I think I'll stick with dating Netflix.

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