Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Today I went in for a chiropractor adjustment. I love my chiropractor. She's helping me manage my arthritis pain that gets so horrible in the winter. And she has been an absolute God-send in helping with getting my spine and neck back in line after the car accident.

She's also really intuitive. At least once a week, she asks me how I'm doing, psychologically, since the accident. Today she specifically asked me if I was having any issues with driving. I didn't expect the question, but the answer is one that has been on my mind for several weeks. . .

Yes. I'm having some issues when driving. Not all the time - but at least once a day, I have a mini-freak-out while driving. I can hear my heart pounding and I balance on the cusp of hyperventilating and the accident plays out in slow motion in my head. Sometimes, it happens at home as well. It's hard to describe, but the panic is so swift and unexpected that it takes every ounce of self-control to tamp it back down.

I want my chiropractor to adjust my brain so I feel sturdy and safe again. Because right now, I feel like the smallest thing could shatter me.

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