Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Resting" is bullshit.

Have you ever had a horrible case of the hiccups? Hiccups so bad that your whole chest hurt? Hurt so bad that the pain went through to your spine? That's what this stupid chest wall injury feels like. I have been told to rest, ice my breast bone for 15 min every 2 hours, and make sure I am breathing deeply to prevent a partially collapsed lung. (I think that last bit was the doctor being over-dramatic.) So today, I rested. . .

Things I did today while resting:
1. Had the hiccups that woke me up at 3:30am.
2. Graded some papers at 4am.
3. Took pain meds at 5:30am.
4. Texted my forensics kids because they are at a tournament I should be at.
5. Cried a little because I wasn't at the tournament.
6. Drank a pot of coffee.
7. Read my first graphic novel. It was quite good.
8. Watched "World War Z." It freaked me out. Much more intense than the book. Also, not as good as the book.
9. Googled "Questions to ask if you are considering leasing a car."
10. Played solitaire on the computer.
11. Was entertained by the cats.

12. Set my alarm to go off 5 minutes before the start of each round of the tournament my forensics kids are at - I said lots of prayers that they were having a good day.
13. Left the house to get a massage. I was worried about laying on my chest, so the therapist had me use the "pregnancy" pillow. Worked like a charm.
14. Played some Angry Birds.
15. Napped.
16. Watched America's Next Top Model (don't judge)
17. Crocheted.
18. Stalked Facebook for pictures from the tournament I was missing.
19. Tried to edit a Duo, but my brain was too fuzzy.
20. Cleaned up my phone contact list.
21. Talked to my mum on the phone.
22. Checked my office email.
23. Talked to my brother on the phone.
24. Iced my chest, which just made me freaking cold.
25. Blogged.

Things I did NOT do today while resting:
1. Go to a forensics tournament
2. Clean my house
3. Do my laundry
4. Do any grocery shopping
5. Grade all of the Listening class journals
6. Grade Public Speaking class tests
7. Grade Public Speaking class speeches
8. Grade Listening class tests
9. Rake my yard
10. Shop for a car
11. Cry more than one time


  1. Who are you rooting for on ANTM? I liked the girl with huge eyes who went home last week.
    I also think you accomplished quite a lot today so don't be too hard on yourself.

  2. I love love love Cory - and will be so sad if he doesn't win! I really hate the "social media" score stuff, and despise all of the judges. And the juvenile drama drives me crazy. I actually have no idea why I'm addicted to it - lol!

  3. Yeah, I think Brian Boy and his social media score is ridiculous. I don't think it should be a factor in who goes home.
    Cory has been great this season but I don't think he'll win. I can see a guy winning - so that this Guys vs Girls season is a "success" but I think Marvin will win. I don't like him and was turned off by his crying and his inappropriate behavior but he takes a great picture.