Monday, November 11, 2013

The Mondays

I find Mondays exhausting. For one thing, I coach a bajillionty hours. And on Mondays, I'm optimistic, so it's always intense coaching. Also - it's a 9-10 hour day. And tomorrow is a 12 hour day - which will totally overwhelm me if I'm not careful. I'm ready to go to bed by 6pm.

Except my mum called and asked me to call her 15 minutes before Dancing With the Stars is over so she won't sleep through the results. I can't go to bed because I have to be my mum's alarm clock. Ufdah.

Monday ends with our team forensics meeting. Tonight, we tested the freshpeople on their knowledge of AFA and NFA patterns. Three came through with perfect scores! Yea! We also drew for "Secret Santas." This is the first year I'm not participating in Secret Santa. Why? Because there is always someone who sucks as a Secret Santa and I have to police the behavior and it puts me in a very non-Santa mood. So, this year I can Grinch it up all I want making sure all the Santas play fair.

Speaking of Christmas, I've started making some gifts. And if I'm going to finish all I have planned, I'd better get my hind end in gear!


  1. One year a Secret Santa on our team gave a girl mustache wax = worst secret Santa gift ever! I was team Captain and knew he'd done it but nothing I said changed his mind about doing it. So, I warned the recipient so she'd be emotionally prepared and gave his secret Santa a heads up so he received his first award ever - a certificate for being the biggest asshole on the team.