Saturday, November 30, 2013


**Note: this blog was supposed to be automatically uploaded on 11/30/13 - but for some reason it wasn't and I'm only now realizing it. **

I'm writing this while sitting at my sister's house, watching Pitch Perfect with my sis, BIL, nieces, and cousin Brent. This is significant, because my sister has INTERWEBS THAT WORK! So I can post the pictures from our Thanksgiving extravaganza!!

Let's start with this . . .
We were impatiently waiting for everyone to get to mum's house - and we were hungry! That's my sis on the right and my mum in the middle. Here's a better picture of the three of us . . .

And a picture of all the cousins who were present. . .

If you look closely, you'll find my brother, who always makes stupid faces for pictures. Klassy. We celebrated my cousins Kim and Karen turning 50. And I have to say - they make 50 look AMAZING!
It's become a tradition that everyone helps bring down all my mum's Christmas stuff from upstairs. There is a whole assembly line to pass it down the stairs.
Today, mum and I are meeting my dad and his wife for breakfast. We will also be putting up another Christmas tree. And this evening we will be going to basketball games. I'm so excited to see 2 of my nephews play and my niece cheer!

One final note - this marks my last post for NaBloPoMo. I think I'm motivated to blog more often, though writing EVERY day got to be a bit much.

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