Saturday, March 30, 2013

Week in Review

It's been a weird week . . .
  • On Tuesday, I made a girl cry. It wasn't even intentional. After class, she came up to tell me why she wanted to give a speech on how to milk a cow. (WTF?) I suggested she might want to consider the audience, and if that would be relevant for them. She burst into tears and ran from the room. So awkward.

  • I had my office broken into last night. I was on campus for our annual evening of forensics performances. The performances were AWESOME! When I got back to my office and opened my door, there was stuff all over the floor. Someone had broken in, dumped my purse, stolen the contents of my wallet (credit cards, gift cards) and meds. Thank goodness my good friend Karen was there to keep me from falling apart. I had started picking everything up when she told me I should probably leave it for when the cops got there. Have I mentioned I'm good at forensics, not forensic science? The cop got there (he was ridiculously good looking), got my statement, took DNA swabs. (Oh the irony of forensic evidence being collected in a forensics office.) We all thought it was weird the thief didn't take my purse or wallet, just the contents. It left me feeling a bit vulnerable.

  • I'm ignoring a guy on eharmony because he lives more than an hour outside of Eau Claire. I'm just not up to doing the distance thing. Sad, because this is the first guy on eharmony I've actually gone through all the eharmony "stages" with. On PoF, I continue to get interesting messages. ("Interesting" as in "Uhm, no") For example, "Outdoorguy70: Loven Fun" works in a "faktry" and his only introduction is "I like moves any thing outdoors like snugel go four walks". Call me a picky snob, but spelling and grammar count. Interesting.

  • I still find it really weird to be friends with Joe on FB. I figured I could quietly delete him after a week or two, but he comments frequently on my status. I think he'd notice if I deleted him, and I don't want him to feel bad. But I just don't know how to be friends with an ex. Ugh.

  • Anonymous reported her first date went fine, but she was concerned there was no "fizzy" feeling, but they did laugh nearly the entire time. Laughing is good. I think it takes a while for the fizzy-lifting-drink feeling to make itself known. I recommended an activity based date (bowling, art gallery, brewery tour) as it gives you a chance to relax about having to come up with topics of conversation.

  • It is rainy and gray outside, which makes me want to crawl back in bed and read a book. Unfortunately I have so much to do I can't even consider that option. I'm going to Netflix Law & Order so I can have my own all day marathon while I cook and do laundry.

  • For those who celebrate Easter, HAPPY EASTER!!

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