Monday, March 4, 2013

Fairy Tale

When I started this blog, I had visions of a year of hilarious inter-webs dating stories that would culminate in Prince Charming riding up on his White Horse and rescuing me from my evil step-mother on Christmas Eve. He would whisk me away to his castle, dress me in a ball gown and we would live happily every after.

Problem is . . . I don't really believe in fairy tales and ball gowns are horribly uncomfortable. And I'm terrified of horses. And happily-ever-after is bullshit because if I've learned anything from people in long-term relationships, it's that they take a crap-ton of work. Oh, and I met Joe in January and he's really the only date I've had to blog about. Kind of boring. Not what I envisioned.

Perhaps that is why I have done either the smartest or dumbest thing ever. (OK, not "ever," but the dramatic effect was needed.) I've mentioned in previous blog posts that I have active dating profiles on Plenty of Fish and eHarmony. Well, I also have one on OK Cupid. To be honest, I forgot about it until I was cleaning up junk mail on an old email account and found some notices from them.

Let me give you some background on OK Cupid . . . it's a free site, which is fine - except they don't do a great job of weeding out the serious creepers. Which means I get frequent messages like this:

"hi pretty, am alex can we get to know more of each others? i found you lovely while looking here add or write me at (alexmoore778 at ya who dot kom) so we chat and get known more. thanks  "

And no, I didn't alter his email. Feel free to contact Alex if you like. He's all yours.

I mostly check OK-C to laugh at the emails. (I received one last week from an 18-year-old in Chetek WI who wanted to know if I'd be his MILF. Seriously.) But last week, I got a "real" contact.

*Note: Here's where I get to the really smart or really dumb portion of our program.

"Movie Guy" (he is a manager at a movie theater) sent me a really interesting email. We've emailed back and forth a couple of times and he gave me his phone number. He told me I should text or call if I wanted to get together.

So, I texted him exactly 38 minutes ago and told him I was game to meet up for coffee or cocktails some time this week.

I know what you're thinking . . . "But what about Sauce Guy?!? He gave you that fizzy-lifting-drink feeling!" Joe is a good guy, I'm just not sure he's the right guy for me. I'm not giving up on him, but I also don't want to limit a potential opportunity when I'm not sure about him either.

So, there may or may not be disastrous first-date stories to come. . . 41 minutes and still no reply from Movie Guy . . .

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