Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Friday Thoughts

I have a first date with Quilter Guy today. We're going for lunch. I'm not really excited for it. I anticipate being bored. I need an attitude adjustment.

I was SUPER productive the first half of spring break. Grading? DONE! Assignment prep? DONE! Laundry? DONE! But yesterday and today? Not so much. I'm on a movie-watching binge. Finally saw The Sessions - it was so good! On a dare, I watched The Human Centipede. WTF?? All I can say is that the acting and special effects were better than Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 2. Later today I'm going to finally watch Argo.

I have taken a nap every day this week. It has been glorious. I'm trying to figure out how to sneak in a nap at the office. If I tried this, I'd probably end up crashing backwards out of my desk chair. This makes me want a Lazy-boy in my office even more.

I've also discovered this week that Emergency is on Netflix. Roy! Johnny! (*swoon*) Dr. Kelly! This show was a fixture of my childhood. My mum & dad were instrumental in starting the volunteer EMS in my hometown in the 1970's and this show was crack for my family.
I need spring break to be over because late at night I get the compulsive urge to shop online. The UPS guy has been here every day this week. Not even joking. The good news is, I have some really cute new clothes/accessories/shoes to wear at AFA & NFA. The bad news is I'd best get my fat ass back to the gym or nothing will fit.
I have successfully skipped the gym every day this week.
My cats are cute, but they are jerks.



While I've given myself permission to be completely lazy and unproductive today, tomorrow I have big plans. After cleaning my house, I'm going to devote my day to baking. I love baking. I have 2 cookie recipes to try, beer bread I want to make for the neighbors, and cake pops to experiment with. I may blog my culinary capers just so everyone can drool.

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