Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jumping back into the pool

I'm trying to jump right back into the dating game. But it's hard when I have email exchanges like this:

medford123: want you

Me: want to know more about you

medford123: im jim Im 51 single 5ft6 muscular im a sweet guy like to meet you for intimacy

Me: good luck with that
*note: I didn't change any of the grammar/spelling of our exchange. I wanted to preserve the creepiness of it all.

I'm a little stumped which part of that was supposed to lure me in. I did get a short but sweet email from a guy I'm going to nickname "Quilter Guy." Guess what he does in his spare time? Makes quilts! I find that interesting and a little adorable.We chatted on the phone last night and tonight, and are meeting for a lunch date on Friday. He's very chatty, so if nothing else, I will have plenty of time to eat while he talks.

There's another guy on eharmony who contacted me and we are working our way through their 10,000 steps before we get to have an actual email conversation. He is definitely not someone I would usually be attracted to, but I'm very intrigued by him. We'll see if I actually make it to the end of the eharmony process.

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