Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ugly cry

Thursday was the last day of class for the semester (yea!) and I headed home around noon, planning on nesting in to grade. But when I got home, I had no internet, so I couldn't grade. I was so mad and the cable company said they couldn't be out until Friday - UGH!

Then, I got a call from my doc's office. My appointment for Friday was cancelled because the doc was ill. This was the beginning of several hours of the "ugly cry." The receptionist had to think I was nuts, but I had reached my limit of pain tolerance. I was rescheduled for May 20th. I knew there was no way I would survive until then. I called the ortho office, ugly cried to that receptionist, who told me they had no appointments for at least a week.

At this point, I called my mum and ugly cried over the phone to her. I was trying to figure out if I should just go to the ER, because they someone would HAVE to treat me. As I was on the phone with mum, another call came in. It was from my doc's office. A different (new) rheumatologist had agreed to squeeze me in Friday morning. I ugly cried my gratitude.

So, Friday I head in for an appointment with Dr. M. He's the new guy in the department and he is my new favorite person in the whole entire world. He agreed I needed a cortisone injection. He explained each step of the process, even choosing a smaller needle so there would be less pain. My regular rheumatologist retires in August, and I am relieved to know there is another doc in the department I feel comfortable with!

There was some pain from the injection later in the day, but just 24 hours later and I have NO knee pain. It's amazing. No crutches, no cane, no limp. The relief could almost make me ugly cry all over again. This will be my first Vicodin-free day in a month and that makes me SO HAPPY!!

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  1. So glad to hear you're feeling better! Sometimes the only way to express how you're feeling is an ugly cry :)