Wednesday, May 29, 2013

10 things . . .

 . . . I found whilst cleaning out my bathroom cupboards today:

10. Seven empty toilet paper rolls that the cats drug into the back of the cupboard

9. Fourteen new razors

8. Sunscreen that expired in 2009

7. Cold medicine that expired in 2010

6. Five bottles of nail polish remover

5. Two brand new toothbrushes

4. Three containers of earplugs

3. Seven packets of dental floss

2. Eleven sample size deodorants

1. Advil that expired in 2004, before I had weight-loss surgery and couldn't take it anymore.

And so goes my ongoing attempt to organize my life.

Remember that date with Joe I accidentally said "yes" to? I thought it was supposed to be yesterday. So I texted him yesterday morning to ask if he had decided where we should go. He texted back that he'll be in town NEXT week, but I must be really looking forward to seeing him since I was a week early. I didn't answer.

Man. Dating SUCKS. In my case, NOT dating also sucks. I popped into OK Cupid, POF & eHarmony today after not checking in for about a month. I had several messages on OK, from either 80 year old men or 18 year old boys. Oh, and one yahoo from Europe. There were 2 messages on POF, both of which had such horrible spelling and grammar I could barely read them. Sorry, but that's a deal breaker for me. My ONE new match on eHarmony was a guy who looked like he should sing with ZZtop. Some guys think it's cool to pose for pictures on their motorcycles. Not this guy. He posed on his 4-wheeler. I can't make this stuff up. Need proof?
I'm sure he may be someone's cup of tea, but I'd rather drink bathwater. What really ticks me off is that I paid for a whole stinkin year of eHarmony and this is who I get matched with. I also keep getting annoying messages from eHarmony asking me to widen the range of my searches. They suggest a 300 mile radius. WTF?? I'm not interested in a long distance relationship. I couldn't handle 45 miles, what the hell would I do with 300? I think I'd rather be stuck cleaning out cupboards.

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