Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Good News . . .

Is that I got an "emergency" appointment with my arthritis doctor on Friday. I let the receptionist know I was coming for a cortisone shot, lest there be any more confusion. I love my arthritis doc - she is patient, doesn't condescend, supports the choices I make (like going off my Enbrel b/c it interfered w/ my immunity to such an extent I was constantly sick) and stays up-to-date with new treatment options. The only problem is, she is really hard to get an appointment with. I saw her last in February and had scheduled an appointment with her for June. Only by the grace of God did she have an opening this Friday!!

I have a cousin who is a physical therapist, and she recommend I look into a TENS unit for help with pain. I'm going to speak with my doc about this on Friday, but I've already started researching it and there's some promising research on relief of arthritis pain. 

Hoping for some relief on Friday!!!

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  1. I totally have been thinking about a TENS unit as well, for lower back pain! If you decide on this, keep the reviews coming. I understand there are a few different kinds, one with a stronger pulse/charge than the other.