Thursday, May 16, 2013

Finals week

Last night I was working on entering grades into our online class support system (Desire to Learn, D2L for short - similar to Blackboard) and I started dinking around with how students could view their grades. And I lost ALL the grades I had entered for the entire semester.

I panicked. I sent out an email telling students not to panic. I let them know I had accidentally deleted their grades, but I'd put them back in soon. Of course, this meant I was going to have to dig up every single email/dropbox submission that was submitted over the last semester. *Ufdah.

As I continued to play with D2L (because, heck, I'd lost the grades, so what could be worse?) they suddenly, magically appeared! I did a happy dance. Then sent another email out to students, letting them know I had figured out how to get the grades back. I did not mention this was a completely accidental discovery.

What lessons can be learned from this?
1. Do not send students a panicked email unless you are absolutely certain you have screwed up.
2. I need an attitude adjustment this last week of school because I'M READY TO BE DONE!!!
3. Teachers desire summer break even more than students.

*Ufdah is a Wisconsin term that can mean many things, such as: Damn! Really?! No way! Mazel Tov! Shit, this is a huge problem!

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