Wednesday, May 22, 2013


If for some reason you are still reading this blog in the hopes of more actual dating posts, you're in luck. But a couple of items of business first . . .

1. My summer job moved locations, and we now operate out of Banbury Place, which used to be a humongous tire factory. It's been converted to house businesses, storage, apartments.

It's beautiful. And old. And I feel very hipster working there. The best part is, we are on the 4th floor, with gorgeous views out over the city.
This was taken after a thunderstorm, for those from EC, that's the RCU bank building on the left, Phoenix Park would be nearly straight ahead. I'm crossing my fingers and toes I get to work July 4th evening because the fireworks will be AMAZING!

2. Why go on and on about where I work? Because when I took the haunted elevator up to work today, I was attacked by this:

That's right! A puppy so cute I actually squealed and nearly died of happiness from the puppy kisses. God bless the man who let me love on the puppy. It seriously made my day and still has me smiling.

3. Which is an improvement from yesterday. A day when I was So! Freaking! Mad! at Gold's Gym. I made a special trip out to the gym for the 6pm water aerobics class, only to find that all of the times had been changed for kids swimming lessons. Was this on their website? No. Was it announced in previous classes? No. Another reason for me to not like kids. (Just kidding. Kind of.)

4. The other thing that happened yesterday? I think I said yes to a date with sauce guy. . .

. . . aaaaand here's where we get to the guts of this post. I have been trying to figure out how to casually "delete" Joe from my FB friends list. Every time I get close, he posts something on my wall or "likes" one of my statuses. I don't want him to think I've deleted him for something he did, so I put off the deletion process.

I know, I know - it's just Facebook, but it's been stressing me out! Then, last night when I got home pissed off from the Gold's debacle, there was a text from him. I thought I had deleted him from my contacts, but apparently my phone remembers who he is. He's going to be in town next week. He asked if he could take me out to dinner. I said . . . sure.



Is this a date? Because I don't think I want a date. Is it a friendship thing? Because I have NO freaking idea how to be friends with a former boyfriend. What the fuck?


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