Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tomorrow, 1 of 2 things will happen . . .

I will either cry or quit. And by cry, I'm not sure if I mean literal or figurative crying. My Starbucks training officially ended, but the only thing I am 100% positive of knowing is how to make my favorite drink. Everything else is a crapshoot. I would recommend you go to the Clairemont location tomorrow if you need a Starbucks fix, because I will be screwing up all the things at the Hastings location.

Here are some fun things I've learned in the past week . . .

1. The learning curve gets worse before it gets better. Right now, I'm at the point where I've tried to cram so much stuff into my brain that it is all jumbled and difficult to recall. When someone orders, it's like trying to find 2 pieces that fit in a 1000 piece puzzle.

2. Epsom Salt foot baths after work are mandatory. My knees and back are doing pretty good . . . but have a lot of pain in my feet. Especially my left foot and ankle. Once I get moving I'm fine, but once I sit down it stiffens up. Here's to hoping I get used to standing on my feet soon!

3. THERE IS NO SECRET STARBUCKS MENU! No matter what Buzzfeed or the interwebs wants you to believe, there really isn't a secret menu. And yes, there are people who come and want to order something from the "secret menu" - I've already learned to control rolling my eyes at them. If you have the recipe, we'll make it - but otherwise, no. Just no.

4. I am the old lady at the store. Literally.

5. Tomorrow I work at 4:30am (we open at 5), so I ate dinner at 5pm and am going to bed by 7:30. See? Old. Lady.

And since I only have 30 minutes until bedtime, I'd best review my recipe notes (FROM the actual menu - BECAUSE THERE IS NO SECRET MENU!)

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