Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Brain Hurts

I knew there would be a learning curve. I had no idea the curve would actually be a mountain. My brain hurts trying to remember how many shots of this and pumps of that goes into a drink. What gets whip and what gets drizzle. Hell if I know, though my guessing is getting more accurate. Here are 3 things I learned today:

1. There are a bajillionty drinks to memorize. And it's not just knowing how to make a drink, it's knowing how to code the cup and call the beverage to the barista. Espresso drinks, frozen coffee drinks, frozen drinks, smoothies, refreshers, teas, iced teas, hot chocolates. There is an exact order of steps to be followed, a perfect way to code a cup and call an order. And it makes sense, because that's how I know my beverage will taste the same whether I'm getting it in Wisconsin or Ohio. But CRIKEY it is hard.

2. Listening is crucial. When someone comes in ordering a chai tea soy latte, extra hot, no water, no foam with 2 equal sweeteners - DANG that's a lot of stuff to remember. Then I have to translate it to a cup, and then translate it to a register, then call it. Your patience is appreciated while I take 3 times longer to make your beverage because I'm desperately trying to remember everything.

3. I will still have great stories to tell. Today, I met a bunch of partners I hadn't met before. One of them comes walking up to me and he's a former student! I give him a big hug and ask him how he's doing . . . and he asks what my name is. I'm like "I had you in class!" Apparently, he has a twin brother. It was his twin who was in my class. Do I know how to make a situation awkward, or what?

Tomorrow I work an 8 hour shift. Good thing I splurged on really good work shoes!

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