Saturday, May 10, 2014

53 Sleeps

That's how long I have until I move. Every day it sinks in a bit more. I really glad I have so much time to move. Sorting through 15 years of stuff is a bit overwhelming, so it's nice to be able to take it slow. Today I spent an hour going through sewing patterns, and have about 40 ready to send to Goodwill. I also went through my coat closet and found several coats, hats and scarves to donate. I'm using the rule that if I have not worn or used something in the last year, it goes. Some stuff I'm selling on Craigslist (bye-bye stamping supplies I haven't touched in 2 years) and some of it just isn't worth the effort, so it gets donated.

I'm hoping to sell about half the furniture I have before the move. Some of it is old and not in great shape (my couch) and I'm ready to replace it. Some of it I simply won't have room for (file cabinets) or want to replace with a different style (computer armoire needs to go so I can get a more traditional desk that can double as a sewing table.) It's such a pain posting stuff on Craigslist, and an even bigger pain dealing with people who are wishy-washy about whether or not they want to buy an item. I did sell my daybed, and have a tentative meeting on Tuesday to meet a woman who is interested in buying my stamping stuff. This week, I hope to get my couch, chair & ottoman photographed and listed.

As I was packing up coats, I realized that I can actually start packing up most of my clothing. Working at the phone answering place, I had to wear business clothing to work. This summer, I'll be following Starbucks dress-code, which means I will have no reason to wear pantyhose between now and next fall. WOO-HOO! A summer of T-shirts and yoga pants sounds fabulous!

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