Friday, January 10, 2014

Waiting . . .

I still have a clog between the kitchen & the bathroom. This means I have approximately 347 coffee cups accumulated over the last 6 days, just waiting to be washed. And I haven't been able to cook all week, which means I'm getting really tired of sandwiches. To make coffee, I first have to pour the old coffee out in the shower. Run back to the kitchen to fill the coffee pot half-way with water to rinse it out. Run back to the shower to empty it. THEN run back to the kitchen to fill it with water and finally make the coffee. The good news is I'm getting in cardio without even realizing it.

The bad news is I've been waiting for the roto-rooter guy to show up since 10am. It's now 12:30. I'm going to call him at 1pm to make sure he's still coming. Because if he's not? I'm going to throw a temper tantrum. Then I'm going to get really, really drunk.

To say that my anxiety has been through the roof is an understatement. I'm hanging on by a thread, which is connected to the fucking clog in my sewer line.

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