Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mood Music

Every year in forensics, we pick a "team song." In addition, Karen (the DoF) puts together a "team tape," which used to be an actual cassette tape that took hours to put together, but is now a CD. In the spring, the senior class is charged with putting together a new team tape. It still starts with the team song, but the rest of the musical choices are up to the seniors.

This year we have just one senior, but dang did he ever do a fantastic job of putting together the spring team tape! There are so many songs I'm falling in love with and trying to learn the words to! But there is one that I am completely enamored of. So enamored, I have it playing on repeat in my car. I can't help but be HAPPY when I listen to it.

Driving home today, I was listening and singing and car-dancing. Stopped at a red light, I glanced to my right, only to find a car full of high-school kids mimicking my car-dancing moves and laughing hysterically. I should have been embarrassed, but this song makes me so happy I didn't even care!

If you need to get to a happy place, listen to this . . . Gonna Have a Good Day!

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