Saturday, December 7, 2013


Flipping through my phone today, I was shocked at how many pictures I took during my visit to Ohio. Like a turkey sandwich the day after Thanksgiving, these picture "leftovers" were a satisfying find.
Clockwise from upper left: Aunt Winnie, Mum, Aunt Sue, Aunt Marge
My family is so very ordinary and so very extraordinary, at the same time. Does everyone ponder this conundrum? Or just me?
Clockwise from upper left, cousin Carla, Sis Leslie, me (duh), cousin Karen and cousin Kim
Leslie and Curt are twins. Curt always looks "special." He's not special - he's a hilarious idiot.
I was so excited to help mum put up one of her Christmas trees. And yes, we were in our pajamas most of the day.

My beautiful niece, Emma. That's her "cheer" smile.
In my home town, my cousin is the local barber. I think this looks like a movie set rather than an actual barber shop.

Being able to meet family for breakfast at the one restaurant in town is quaint, comfortable and the perfect stereotype of small town USA.
Dad (who looks like Wilfred Brimley, right?) and step-mum Shirley
Individually, their expressions are hilarious. But together, they look a bit psychotic
Sis Leslie, brother Heath and mum
Had to take a picture of the menu that includes a Fried Bologna sandwich. YUM!
Two weeks and I'll be back in Ohio, provided mother nature doesn't drop a blizzard on my travel plans.

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  1. I love fried bologna sandwiches! Sooo yummy.