Monday, December 16, 2013

Finals, Day 1

I started finals week in the best way possible . . . I slept in!! Until 9am!! Which is super late for me. Usually Tonks starts walking on my head around 6am. Since I have no finals today, I'm working my way through my "to-do" list.

Yesterday, I did a ton of baking, so today, I needed to make some yummy deliveries. First stop, I dropped off Maple-Bacon caramel rolls to my department chair. (I have to note that she is one of the most amazing women I know!)

Then, it was on to deliver cookies to the place I work in the summer.

I baked and decorated cookies yesterday, and most of them are for my night class final tomorrow. But, I had some extra and since I miss seeing all the awesome people from my summer job, I decided to take them some cookies. It was awesome to see everyone.

That was two things checked off my list. I made a phone call to my insurance company, who say they aren't covering my chiropractic care after my accident because they don't have evidence it was "medically necessary." I had to leave a message, so I'm waiting for a call back. I guess this task is half-checked off my list.

Next up, I needed to clean my kitchen after the baking marathon of yesterday. I'm curious - am I the only person left in the world who wears those yellow dish-washing gloves? And how about aprons? Am I the only person left in the world who actually wears an apron when cooking or cleaning in the kitchen? Anyway - check mark for a clean kitchen.

After cleaning the kitchen, I put together the buffalo-chicken dip that I'm taking to the forensics holiday gathering tonight. Another checked-off task.

Now I'm sitting here, procrastinating going through my crazy mess of yarn, trying to decide what to take with me to Ohio. There's nothing better than watching TV with my mum, crocheting and chatting and napping. Once this task is done, I just have "Go to holiday party" left on my list. I could jump ahead and start on tomorrow's list, but I think I like the idea of watching Lost re-runs and crocheting more. And I might just have to eat a cookie.

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