Monday, December 23, 2013


Finished posting grades this morning so the semester is officially done and in the books. BAM! Excited and relieved.

The drive to Ohio was good. Hit a tiny bit of snow in Madison, fog in Chicago and drizzle/rain in Indiana - but luckily I beat the "bad" weather. Unfortunately, the roads were PACKED with travelers, some who insisted on driving like complete maniacs. I'm pretty sure some of them will be getting coal for Christmas.

Yesterday, mum and I lit the advent candle at church. Later in the day my siblings and I gathered for dinner with my dad and step-mum. It was lovely, relaxing and joyous. With lots of food. So. Much. Food.

I have some cool pictures I'd like to post, but - UFDAH - my mum's internet is so freakin slow, they won't load.

Today my niece and her fiance are coming for lunch (my mum's homemade pizza!) and this evening I'm going over to my sister's house to wrap some of her presents.

Oh, I just love being home for the holidays!!!

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