Thursday, December 19, 2013


Today is my birthday. I'm 48. Writing that is weird, because it's an age I always thought was "old." But it doesn't feel old.
I'm not sure what 48 looks like, but I don't think I look 48 either. Maybe that's just wishful thinking? By the way, the cats got me the tiara for my birthday, officially recognizing me as queen of the house. Ok, that's a lie. The cats would never name me queen. I bought it for myself because I've always wanted a tiara and it was on sale for $4.99 at the K-Mart.

I started the day with a mammogram. Seriously. Happy Birthday to ME! Then it was off to Caribou coffee for my free birthday latte. I had to give an exam at 1pm, and brought birthday cupcakes for class. I had about 10 extra cupcakes, so I wandered the halls, handing them out to exam weary students. It was kind of fun.

After my exam, I headed to Dickie's BBQ for my FREE BBQ pork sandwich. So yummy. Then home to bake more cupcakes for tomorrow's exam. I also got an AMAZING birthday present from my mum, that included one of her brownie-cookies. I would have taken a picture, but I gobbled down half of it before I thought of it.

This evening, I participated in Volume One's "Grown-Up Storytelling" series. I performed in front of a crowd of about 50 that included friends and students. I told the "vomit" story, and people laughed at the funny parts and nodded their heads at the serious parts, so I was happy. It was terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. It made me realize how much I miss performing!

All in all, it was a really good birthday. It is a bit intimidating to realize that in just 2 years I'll be 50. And I've been thinking about how quickly time passes and how many things I have on my "bucket" list and how will I make some of those things happen . . . Inspired by a friend of mine who had a list of "30 before 30," I've come up with a list of "50 before 50." These are 50 things I want to accomplish before I turn 50. I know, it's 2 years away, but 50 is a lot of things!! So, I need to start now! Actually, I started today. "Perform in public" is #5 - which I did tonight, so I get to check it off the list!

#50 is blank because I just know there is something I will think of in the next year that I want on the list, and I want some space for it. Heck, I'll even take suggestions. So, without further ado, here's my list!

50 before 50

1. Go to Cedar Point

2. Shoot a handgun

3. Shoot a shotgun

4. Learn to make a pie crust

5. Perform in public 12/19/2013

6. Hit on a guy in the grocery store

7. Sell my house

8. Visit "The House on the Rock"

9. Lose 50 pounds

10. Get another tattoo

11. Tour Lambeau field

12. Have my legs waxed

13. Stay in a fancy hotel for just one night

14. Learn to make a decent chicken curry

15. Change a car tire

16. See the Nutcracker

17. Learn to scale a fish

18. Visit the Chicago Museum of Art

19. Visit Taliesen

20. Go to a Brewers game

21. Visit the Minneapolis Sculpture garden

22.  Bake treats for the local fire dept/EMTs/police officers

23. Officiate a wedding

24. Shoot a bow & arrow

25. 50 mile bike ride

26. Host a fancy dinner party

27. Go 1 month with no soda or artificial sweetener in what I drink

28. Watch every movie that won the Oscar for "Best Movie"

29. Learn to tat

30. Make a rug

31. Write a fan letter

32. Convince Justin Vernon to come speak in my pop culture class

33. See a baby be born

34. Write a short story and submit it for publication

35. Try spaghetti squash

36. Get a passport

37. Use my passport

38. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

39. Put together a 1000 piece puzzle

40. Sing the national anthem for a local ball game

41. Get my teeth whitened

42. Canoe the Chippewa River

43. Learn to make Risotto

44. Crochet myself a sweater DONE! April 2014

45. Ice Skate

46. Learn to make lemon crepes

47. Grow something from a seed

48. Memorize one of Shakespeare's sonnets

49. Learn to read an illustrated crochet pattern


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