Friday, July 25, 2014

Sbux Culture

Here are some unofficial, unwritten rules and norms I've learned about Sbux culture in my short time working there. . .

1. If you don't like your drink, we will re-make it for you. Even if you've already drank most of it.

2. If you order a triple half-caf grande breve latte with  2.5 pumps of caramel, half a pump of Oprah chai, half a Spenda in a Venti cup with 3 pieces of ice, and then get irritated when I ask you to repeat the order to make sure I got it right, well, I'm going to call you a jerkface in my mind, but smile until you are uncomfortable at the drive-up window.

3. If the drive-through line is slow, it's probably because some dunderhead ordered 8 Frappuccinos.  We are just as irritated as you are, because it's ruining our drive-time average.

4. 99% of my drive through conversations start with "Isnt' this weather great?!" If I try anything more complicated, I slow down the line.

5. Yes!! We will grind your beans for you!! And ask any questions you have about coffee!! We aren't "experts" (unless we are wearing a black apron, then we ARE an expert who has had extensive training) but I can guide you through picking a coffee and brewing method that works with your taste and your lifestyle. Seriously, this is not an advertisement - I can actually do this!

6. A free rewards beverage will seriously get you ANY beverage you want, for free. Yesterday, a silly boy came through the drive through and ordered an iced venti soy latte . . . with 15 extra shots of espresso. Normally, an iced venti comes with 3, so he ended up with 18 shots, a miniscule splash of soy and no room for ice. I predict he is still suffering heart palpitations.

7. Partners have some pretty funny tricks they pull on each other. I like to put ice down people's backs. One partner stuck her hand in her pocket to find soggy bacon. Another partner has had her pockets "whipped creamed." And unless you are very careful, a partner may add a shot of peppermint syrup to your humble glass of water, which is gag inducing.

8. Double bag the trash. It is a MUST in the Sbux world. Otherwise, when you take out the trash, you risk being doused in old coffee grounds and sour milk.

9. Knowing there are surveillance cameras EVERYWHERE, I sometimes do a little dance for the entertainment of those who may be watching.

10. A tip for cleaning empty whipped cream containers . . . always release the pressure with the nozzle before opening the container, or this happens:

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