Friday, July 4, 2014


I can't believe the move is done. It is surreal being here, in this beautiful apartment, surrounded by boxes, boxes and more boxes.

By the time Monday evening rolled around, I was ready. Everything was packed and there were piles of boxes everywhere.

We have had such a late spring/summer, I wasn't sure I'd get to see any of the lilies bloom before I left. But these opened just in time for me to enjoy them.
I had hired movers, and they showed up just after 8am. It didn't take long for my home of 16 years to look like this:

It was so odd to see it so empty. With a bit of sadness and a lot of relief, I said goodbye to this home. Then, it was off to the new place!

Pause for an advertisement: If you are in the EC area, I cannot recommend "No Whoops Moving" strongly enough! Rod, Paul and Michael were AWESOME. They had everything moved and in my apartment by noon!

Then, I was on my own. It was a relief and just a little intimidating to be faced with this:

On Wednesday, I picked Tonks & Luna up from the vet, where they had stayed for 2 days during the move. THEY WERE SO PISSED AT ME!!! Poor kitties. When we got home, they prowled the apartment, yowling, for nearly 2 hours. They were so confused! They finally calmed down and slowly decided they might like this place.

I'm very slowly unpacking, working my way through the dozens of boxes and trying to fit the contents of my old home into my new home that's 400 sq feet smaller. Ufdah. Even though that's overwhelming, it is really nice to be home.

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