Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blissful Weekend

It has been an amazing weekend. It's the last relaxing weekend I'll have until May, but now I'll have the stamina to make it until then.

The weekend started on a perfect note Friday evening. The forensics team had their annual "Evening of Champions," which features some of our favorite performances. Watching the students perform was amazing. It reminded me of how hard they have worked and how far they have come. I was just so dang proud of them. On top of their amazing performances, Karen and I were completely surprised when one of our forensics kids who graduated about 10 years ago showed up just to watch the performances. A drove all the way from CHICAGO! It was so weird and so wonderful to have him here. There were also a lot of parents and faculty (including our amazingly supportive department chair) who came to watch the performances. It was a beautiful evening.

Saturday morning, I was up at the crack of dawn, as my friend's Cindy and Laura were coming over for coffee. We hadn't gotten together for girl gossip in FOREVER, and since we were all desperate to chat - and the only time we were all free was 7am, that's when we met!
I love these ladies, and I need to make it a priority to see them more often. They lift my spirits and are good for my soul.

Part of the reason I had to meet so early with Cindy & Laura was because Karen and I had 9:30 appointments to get fancy pedicures, using gift cards the forensics kids gave us at Christmas. Since we head to Phoenix later this week for nationals, Karen & I decided we needed to transform our ugly Wisconsin-winter feet into sandal-ready toes. It was lovely to be pampered while we had our feet prettified. We talked and listened and laughed and planned and left feeling ready for the marathon of competition that April brings. And I also have sparkly toes and sandal ready soles.
I spent the rest of the day cleaning house, doing laundry and getting some class planning done. All of this was made more enjoyable by my new addiction . . . Rev. on Hulu is my new favorite British comedy.

Today, I've spent the majority of the day grading. I mean, I have done a crap ton of grading. I multi-tasked with laundry duty - which means I am now caught up on both grading AND laundry. I even finished early enough that I've had time to write a couple of letters. The hours of grading didn't bother me because it was warm enough for me to turn the furnace off and open several windows. The slow drip of melting snow and the splashy whoosh of cars driving by sounded like spring.

I am well rested, both in body and soul, and look forward to the adventure that nationals travel will bring!

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