Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Visit

After years (literally) of begging and guilt trips, I finally got some family to visit me in Wisconsin. A week ago, my mum and sister made the 9 hour drive north for a visit during my spring break. Leslie (my sister) decided to drive straight through Chicago. She handed her phone to mum and asked her to get a picture of the skyline. This was the result:
So then I decided to take a picture of the Chicago skyline (that's my friend H, who wasn't much help)
Then my brother Heath decided he  would try and take a picture of the Chicago skyline.
It goes without saying we will never let Mum live this down! Once they were in Wisconsin, they made a stop for frozen custard at Culvers.
The weather was great for the drive from Ohio, though both mum & Les were exhausted once they got here. So we had a "rest period."
It was so wonderful to be able to take Mum & Les to my church on Sunday.
And after church, we headed straight to a pub for lunch. They thought this was kind of weird, I told them it was normal for Wisconsin.
Of course, we had cheese curds. They were very cheesy!
Monday was St. Patty's Day, and Mum gifted Leslie and I with festive shirts.
She said she had no idea what mine meant, but it was green so she bought it. I told her my college students would appreciate it!
Tuesday it was finally sunny and a bit warmer, so we headed to the Phoenix park bridge for some photo ops. First up, we took a picture of the Chicago skyline. Just kidding, we took a selfie.
Then we took "duo" pictures, hoping someone would walk by and take a picture of the 3 of us.
Finally  a walker wandered by . . . this would have been a good pic if only she had kept her finger away from the lens!
During their 4 day visit, we watched 5 movies, ate cheese curds 3 times and I taught Les how to use Pinterest. Tonks and Luna also loved spending time cuddling with Grandma and Auntie Les.
Luna decided Grandma was the best human ever. Why? Because Grandma let her lick tapioca off her fingers.

Leslie and I also had our retinas burned when Mum insisted in wearing her hot pink "lounge pants."

There was some crummy weather Wednesday morning, but Les & Mum took off bright and early. After driving through some crappy weather, they made it to Ohio safe and sound.

Tonks and Luna are still wondering where they went.

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