Thursday, March 27, 2014


My spine is wicked pissed off. It's the constantly changing weather, that makes joints all wonky. The last 3 days, my neck has been a constant source pain and stiffness. And my costochondritis won't stop causing pain . . . But I'm going off on a tangent . . .

The REAL purpose of this post is to publicly introduce my new friend, Ms. Stationary Bike!
I want to get back out on my bike this summer, but I'm so out-of-shape and Eau Claire is so hilly, I need to get my literal and figurative ass in shape before making a real biking attempt. I found a great deal on this very highly rated stationary bike, and it reminds me a lot of the bikes I used to ride in spin class.

I'm taking it very, very slow. Partly, because my heiny needs to get used to the bike seat and partly because I don't want to create an injury by pushing too fast. I started with 5 minutes, and will increase just a couple of minutes every few days. Like I said, nice and slow.

At some point, I'll get it out of my kitchen and situated in the living room so I can watch TV while I pedal. But who knows when that will happen, since I leave in JUST A WEEK for the AFA-NIET. So! Much! Grading! to do! And a few minutes of riding . . .

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