Thursday, April 3, 2014


I'm packed. I've weighed my bag to make sure it's not over the 50 pound limit. I've checked my list and am certain I'm not forgetting anything. Classes are done. Grading is caught up. Cat/house sitter has a key . . .

I AM READY TO HEAD TO THE 2014 AFA-NIET!!! For those of you who don't "do" forensics-speak, that means I'm heading to nationals. It is the time of year we have worked towards since last August. I am so excited. Yes, there is the excitement of competition - of watching my students get to put their hearts and hard work on the line. But there is also the excitement of seeing old friends - former students, coaches I've known for years. There will be so many hugs.

But it is bittersweet. Students have to say goodbye to speeches and pieces they have been working on for 8 months. Seniors have to say goodbye to an activity that shaped the person they have become. Coaches have to say goodbye to the team as they know it. Next fall the dynamics will be all new.

I predict laughter. I predict tears. I predict lives will be touched and lives will be changed by the performances.

And so many memories will be made. Memories that will become team lore. Memories that will be brought up by alumni and coaches and shared with new forensic teams.

I just can't wait for it to start. But once I starts, it begins to be over . . . so I'm a little torn . . .

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