Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Things I am in love with right now:
1. Watermelon
2. Crystal Light Lemonade
3. Arnie Palmer's made w/ Crystal Light Lemonade
4. Air Conditioning
5. The orange with white polka-dot jeans I got on sale at Shopko for $7.
6. My ice cube trays that make teensy itty bitty ice cubes
7. My super comfy bed

Things I am not in love with right now:
1. My joints, which are going bonkers with the barometric pressure changes.
2. The iron I now have to take. It does very bad things to my digestive system. Not happy.
3. Christopher on The Sopranos. I want to smack him and tell him to grow the hell up.
4. This humidity. I have permanent pseudo-afro hair, and it's not a good look on me.
5. Alarm clocks. I keep turning mine off and going back to sleep, which kind of defeats the purpose.

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