Monday, June 24, 2013

Attitude adjustment

I'm in a better place. Not so blue. Shout out to Bonnie who made me realize I overwhelm myself with the "big picture" instead of concentrating on each individual step of the process. Last week, I spent a whole day off figuring out what documents I needed to round up in order to get the title of my mobile home changed. Four phone calls, 1 trip to the court house and 1 trip to the copy store later, and I mailed off a giant packet to the state licensing agency and will hopefully have my shiny, new title in a couple of months.

A couple of other things happened in the last week which have contributed to my better mood. Ten minutes before leaving for work on Friday, these pulled up in front of my house:

I jumped for joy. I could have cried. I WAS SO EXCITED!!! I have been begging the park for several years to cut down a horrible, awful, ugly, disgusting, crappy pine tree in front of my house. It was a huge tree. It's only purpose was to spit sap EVERYWHERE and leave a coating of green pollen on every surface of my house. I hated that dang tree. Here's a better picture of how tall it was:

By the way, I took this through the windshield of my car. That's not rain. It's sap. From the *&#$% pine tree. I was so excited to have that tree come down . . . but I had to go to work and I missed the whole show!! I didn't get home until 11pm and had to be back at work at 6am the next morning, so it wasn't until Saturday afternoon I got a good look at it.

And when I got home Saturday, I also discovered my amazing neighbor had raked up the entire mess from my front yard. All I had to do was bag it up. For the first time since I've lived here, I can look out the front window and see the sky! It is WONDERFUL!! The only bad news is that I can see how filthy my windows are and will need to wash them soon!

To celebrate the execution of the crappy, scrappy pine tree, I declared it mustache day at work.

My crafting talent with no actual craft tools knows no boundaries.

Last week I finally went back to the chiropractor after a several year break. I was, frankly, terrified. But my chiro is awesome and after just a couple of visits, the range of motion in my neck is improving.

I met w/ my rheumatologist today and she is thrilled by my progress on Humira. I've been on it for a month and here's a glimpse of my skin improvement:





My rheumatologist  believes that skin improvement mimics joint improvement. And I can feel it in my joints. Less pain from both skin and joints means a brighter attitude!

The only bad news I got is that I am officially severely anemic. My ferritin level is a 6. Normal is 12-150. There may be iron supplements/infusions in my future. This may also explain some of my tiredness.

I'm currently watching The Sopranos from beginning to end. Gandolfini really was a genius, and I'm sad he's gone!

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  1. Glad to hear that things are looking better and just know you have many friends that are and will be there when you need us.