Wednesday, June 5, 2013

General Malaise

I've felt crappy all day today. I blame the gloomy weather which is making all my joints hurt. My fingers & toes are fat sausages of inflammation. Great mental picture. You're welcome.

Yesterday I had dinner with Sauce Guy. I was seriously dreading it. And it was seriously awkward. I think Sauce Guy thought this was a "real" date. He held our hello-hug just a bit too long, kept his hand on the small of my back as we walked to our table . . . my head was working overtime trying out how to send signals of "No! This is just a "friend" dinner!" Through dinner conversation, Sauce Guy talked and talked and talked. About himself, his kids, his health, his job, his cats. He never asked me one single question about myself. It may be a little thing, but it completely validated my decision to end our dating relationship. I'm pretty sure that's the last I'll see of him, and now I'm back to figuring out how to unfriend him on Facebook.

Though I've felt crappy all day today, I did get a couple of kitchen drawers cleaned out. Here's my most interesting find.
Yep, that's a book of matches from my wedding. Ufdah. It's so odd to think that If I were still married, I would be celebrating my 17th wedding anniversary.

I have a much more exciting anniversary coming up in
just a week!

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