Sunday, February 17, 2013

When life gives you lemons . . .

 . . . you bake your boyfriend a Lemonade Cake!
After not seeing Joe for two (Two!) weeks, we were finally able to get together today. We were both seriously exhausted! He had worked a 70 hour week and I ran the state tournament - but as exhausted as I was, it was so good to see him.

Remember that dancing bear I got at the dollar store to give to him? Well, he LOVED it! And he brought me . . .

wait for it . . .

Wait For It . . .

WAIT FOR IT  . . .


Seriously, it was kind of perfect. He took me out for lunch and then patiently waited at the Sprint store with me where I had to buy a new phone.

OK, tangent story. I either left my phone in the rental van or lost it. I was freaking the freak out last night because I had no other way of contacting Joe. I left a message for him on POF, in case he checked there. I sent an email to an address I found on a work brochure he had given me, after tearing my computer station apart to find it. I even FB messaged him, not knowing if he would even get it because we weren't "friends" yet.  I think he got all of the messages, which means it's now confirmed that I'm neurotic. Also, we are now FB friends. End tangent.

I knew exactly the type of phone I wanted at Sprint (Samsung Galaxy SIII - BAM!) so I figured it wouldn't take long. We walked out an hour later, and he never complained :-)

We came back to my house and put in a movie he had brought, and then his phone rang. An urgent issue with one of the kids. I could tell it was bugging him, so I let him know I understood if he needed to get home. Part of me was screaming inside, "but I haven't seen you in two (Two!) weeks, you can't leave already!!!" - But the other part of me knew it was what he needed to do.

I sent the whole cake home with him. We were full from lunch, so we hadn't eaten any yet. He texted later that it was delicious. See that icing? It's lemonade cream cheese icing. The recipe for the cake & icing are from

I won't get to see Joe until next weekend, but I am invited to his home for the first time. And he's going to cook for me! And I'll be meeting the kids. Gulp. I am going to freak out all week about what to wear.

Since he left early, I have an unexpected evening free. I'm eating Girl Scout cookies, figuring out this new phone, and blogging. So sexy.

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