Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sometimes, analogies help . . .

I was having a conversation with a friend (I'll call him Brad)today about relationships. We had established that he sucks at them. Of course, Brad's young and can count his relationships on one hand. I told him he didn't have enough relationships under his belt to be able to accurately identify that he actually sucks at relationships, or is just lazy. Brad wants the perfect woman to fall into his life, with no work on his part.

**For my forensics friends, here is his analogy: "It's like I've attended 2 TCFL's but I've decided I'm going to win Indy Sweeps at AFA."

**For my Nascar friends, here's another analogy: "It's like I've driven a Grand Am a couple of times and am going to go win the Indianapolis 500."

**"It's like I've thrown a few baseballs, and have decided I'm going to win the World Series."

**"It's like I've hemmed a pair of pants, and will move on to haute couture."

**It's like I've li . . .

Never mind, you get the picture. Brad's expectations are ridiculous. And he knows this. What sucks, is that even with time and effort, there is still no guarantee that a relationship will materialize or even work.

I'm really enjoying dating Joe. It's fun to have an "other." It's fun to plan stuff together. I like making him laugh. I enjoy being to start a sentence with "My boyfriend Joe and I . .. " The problem is this . . . I can't decide if I'm enjoying having a relationship in general, or a relationship with Joe, specifically.

It is nice to have someone to care about. Someone to text with. Someone to be silly with. I enjoy cooking for him and posting silly things to his FB page. But I can't help but wonder if I would enjoy those things if Joe were replaced by another guy. I'm starting to wonder if we share enough interests to continue having fun.

I told Brad that when you find the "right" one, she is worth the work a relationship takes.  I think that's where I'm at right now. Trying to figure out if Joe is worth the "work."

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