Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Plague 2013

What's worse than getting a flu shot that makes your arm hurt for 3 days? Getting a strain of the flu that wasn't covered by the flu shot. This week, it sucked to be me. Yesterday I was trying to figure out why my abs were so sore. Then I realized they were sore from shivering with chills for 3 days straight. Need 6-pack abs? Get the flu.

Not only were there chills . . .

There was the fever

and the headache

and the body aches

and the whimpering and whining

I missed 3 freaking days of class & coaching. At the time, I didn't really care, but now that I'm feeling better it irritates me.

I went to Joe's house for the first time this afternoon. I met his son and his cats. I was so freaking nervous. His son was that perfect high school mixture of funny/awkward/nerdy/sweet. 

Tangent: When I got to Joe's, his son wasn't there. Joe gave me a tour of the house and introduced me to the cats. We were sitting on the couch, catching up and smooching (an old fashioned word, but I like it) and Joe's son got home. We sprang apart like two 16 year olds that got interrupted by parents. It was kind of hilarious. End tangent.

Joe cooked a really yummy supper (you call it dinner - I'm a hick and call it supper) - chicken alfredo and garlic bread. It is the first time - EVER - that a guy has cooked for me. Seriously. My ex-husband never cooked. Ever. I have to say, it was a bit odd for me. I'm a "nurturer" - it's my first instinct to take care of others, and that includes feeding them. It was odd to completely relinquish control of a meal to someone else.

That was it. That was my week. The good news is, the Plague of 2013 is nearly out of my system. The bad news is all the work I now need to do in order to catch up. At least my abs are in better shape.

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