Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I didn't mean to get so morose . . .

It's been a stressful, wierd week.

  • I sang part of Thriftshop in all three of my classes. I also may have sang/rapped some Enimen. I *bleeped* out the swear words. It was relevant, I swear.

  • I also went off on a 5 minute tangent trying to once and for all convince the slow students that TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS.

  • I also accidently snort-laughed in class. So embarassing.

  • I watched the SOTU last night and came out of the experience with a new life-goal. I want to be voting at age 102, just like Desiline Victor.
  • Two students in different classes emailed to let me know they wouldn't be in class because they were having "a personal relationship crisis." This is a sucky week to have one of those. I hope their crisis isn't with each other.

  • I went to 3 different stores to by salt for the 2" of ice that are on my walkway. Everyone was out. For the record, water softener salt works just fine. Table salt does not.

  • I drive by a funeral home every day. Yesterday as I passed, hundreds of red balloons were released at what I'm assuming was a funeral. The red balloons against the blue, blue sky with it's fluffy white clouds was stunning. I want red balloons released when I die.

  • Pondering the red balloon release upon my death . . . I've signed up for whole-body donation after my death. I don't know what happens at a funeral if there is no body. I'd like to go on record here: At my funeral I'd like there to be an open bar, 80's rock music, a reading of Psalms 25:6-7, Cool Touch Kleenex on every table, and a chocolate fountain.

  • Sorry I got a bit morose there. Inspiration hit and I had to go with it.

  • I had a really crappy day yesterday. I texted Joe (my boyfriend!) that I was having a terrible-no-good-really-awful-stinky day. So he called after work to see how I was doing. (Fizzy Lifting Drinks!) It made me feel instantly better.

  • Joe called again tonight when he was on his way home from work. I told him I was going to make him a lemon cake with peanut butter icing for Valentine's day. His response? "That's interesting" Then I told him I was joking. I did ask him if he'd be my Valentine, and he said yes.

  • I really can't wait for Sunday, which is when I get to see him again.

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