Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The great thing about being set up on a date, is the date has been "pre-screened" to some extent. I was surprised how relaxed I was going into the date. Set-up Guy is very nice, easy to talk to - there just wasn't a "connection." Even so, it was a relief to not worry that it was going to be a horrid date. So. If anyone else knows someone they'd like to set me up with, just let me know - I'm game!

School starts in 6 days and I can't wait. Seriously. I still have some class prep to do, and a ton of forensics reading - but I miss the students so much. I already have my first-day-of-class outfit planned. Woo-Hoo!

This weather sucks. I am so over the heat and humidity. It's supposed to cool down by Tuesday when classes start, which is really good news. Hopefully, I won't sweat on everyone in the front row. The first day of class makes me nervous. "Hope-I-won't-vomit-on-anyone" nervous. I have the irrational fear that I will accidentally do something ridiculous on the first day - like fart. Or fall on my face. Or snort-laugh. 

Today was spent in endless meetings. I hate meetings. Really, really hate them. But today, they weren't so bad. It helps I have a department chair that has her shit together so we don't waste time on crap that doesn't matter. Today we made some big decisions and have great forward momentum going into the year. There was also cake. I love cake. It was the best part of the day.

When I got home, I mowed the lawn weeds. I had not used the mower since before I went to Ohio, but because we've had no rain, my grass is dead and only the weeds grow. I'm guessing I'll only have to mow one more time before I'm done for the summer!

I've not checked any dating websites in forever. I signed onto PoF and had a message waiting from a week ago. Guy asks if he can make dinner for me. I told him I'd need to know more about him, like what super power he would choose if he were a super hero. We'll see if I scared him off or not :-) I did check out a few guys on PoF and even sent messages to a couple of them. This will only be interesting if I hear back from any of them! We shall see . . .

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