Wednesday, January 7, 2015


It's official. What started as a cold last Friday has progressed to a sinus infection/ear infection. This is the downside to being on Humira. I can't have just a simple cold. My damn immune system isn't strong enough to fight it, and it ALWAYS turns into something worse. So as I sit here wrapped in my electric blanket, sipping orange juice, thermometer in my mouth (last check, temp was down to 100) I'm going to try and find some things to be thankful for . . .

1. Grateful for doctors who listen when I tell them why I need an antibiotic even if they are wavering on the idea. I know my body, I know once I've reached the point of fever and constant cough, an antibiotic is the ONLY thing that is going to help me get well.

2. Grateful for doctors who patiently explain why one antibiotic would be better than what I'm usually prescribed. (For the record, I'm on a 2 week course of Clarithromycin)

3. Grateful for doctors who understand when I explain there is only 1 cough syrup that works well enough for me to get some sleep. Even though it's the "strongest stuff made" and "has a street value" (which the pharmacist explains every. single. time.)

4. Grateful for Kleenex. Grateful that I bought 2 boxes on Saturday, because I've already gone through one.

5. Grateful for EOS lip balm.

6. Grateful for 7-up and orange juice.

7. Grateful for antibiotic gel, which should prevent a case of skin infection around my poor nose.

8. Grateful I have lots of books to read.

9. Grateful I have a recliner I can nap in.

10. Grateful I don't have to leave my house again until Saturday.
Ready to fight the plague.

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