Monday, October 21, 2013

A Wedding

I went to a wedding this past weekend. This is kind of a big deal, because I don't normally "do" weddings. It's not that I hate them, they just make me uncomfortable. There's probably a huge psychoanalysis of why, but that's a blog for another day. . .

This was a wedding I HAD to attend. Not because someone made me, but because I needed to see these two people marry with my own eyes. You see, H and B were both former forensics students.
I watched them individually navigate their way through growing up and choosing career paths and experiencing heartbreak. And then I got to watch them find their way to each other. And fall in love. Not the giggly, goofy, silly love that hits us over the head and makes us crazy when we are young. This was a love formed of friendship and respect and laughter. And there was something in me that needed to see them make promises to each other, before God and their families and friends.

So . . . I went to a wedding. I was thrilled to ride with Karen and even more thrilled that her husband volunteered to be our designated driver. Oh - and I got to ride in the cushy back seat with my friend Jack.
And we drove to a church in the middle of a corn field
in the middle of Minnesota
And there were other former forensics students who came! From California and Florida!

And Karen and I got to be adults without having to
be in charge of college students
And the bride was so joyful
And the groom was more relaxed than I had see him in a long time
And we ate cake
And laughed so hard our cheeks hurt.
And it was just a perfect day. I was so honored that I got to witness the promise and hope of love.
Congratulations H & B!!

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  1. The bride looks like she could be Karen's daughter